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Fraud Alert: Phone Calls requesting Personal Information

LEADS was made aware recently by the State of Ohio Office of Community Assistance of a Fraud Alert that could effect some of our Community Service clients.  Please read the following information:

It has been brought to our attention that there are clients receiving calls from an agency identifying as a “HEAP” provider or in some cases from “The Energy Assistance Program”.  The caller is requesting personal bank account information and social security numbers.  Reports indicate that the calls are coming from a 1-800 number and in all cases the caller states “HEAP” was awarded extra money to assist with customers because of the recent cold snap and that bank account information is needed in order to credit the award to their bank account.

These calls are not from the HEAP providers or the Energy Assistance Program (The actual HEAP process does not include deposits into bank accounts, rather they credit the person’s energy bill).   If you are a client of LEADS and receive this call please contact one of our Community Service Offices to report the phone call. You can reach the Newark Office at 740-345-3133, Buckeye Lake at 740-928-4481 or Pataskala at 740-927-9861.