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HEAP Winter Crisis Program

Everyone knows someone who has struggled to pay utility bills at some point in their lives. If you or someone you know is struggling with bills, tell them about the LEADS Winter Crisis Program or the Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program.  This program was created to help Licking County income eligible households who are in need of assistance with paying their electric bill.

An income eligible household with a disconnect or off status may qualify to receive assistance.  Assistance is also available for bulk fuel, like propane, fuel oil, wood, kerosene or coal, if you have a 10- day or less supply.    

The total household income for applicants must the following income guidelines:

Size of Household                                          Total House Income: past 3months  

      1                                                                                   Up to $5,445.00   

      2                                                                                   Up to $7,355.00

      3                                                                                   Up to $9,265.00

      4                                                                                   Up to $11,175.00

      5                                                                                   Up to $13,085.00

      6                                                                                    Up to $14,995.00 

For households with more then 6 members add up $1,910 per member.

You need to bring verification of your last 3 months of all household income, social security cards for all houseshold members, current electric & gas bill and driver license for the person who is applying.

The LEADS Winter Crisis Program is available from November 1st through March 31, 2012. For additional information on the program including details on how to apply for assistance, contact one of Community Service Division.  You can contact one of our two Community Service Centers:

 Newark Center, (740) 345-3133

 Pataskala Center, (740) 927-9861