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LEADS Provides Cooling Financial Relief to Licking County

Did you know an estimated one in ten residential utility consumers in Ohio were cut off from gas or electric services in the past year because they didn’t pay their bills?

Everyone knows someone who has struggled to pay utility bills at some point in their lives. If you or someone you know is struggling with bills, tell them about the LEADS Summer Crisis Program, created to help Licking County income elfigible households who’re in need of assistance with paying their eolectric bill.

 An income eligible household with a member who has an illness that would benefit from assistance, verified by physician documentation, or with a member who is sixty (60) or older – no physician documentation needed, is qualified to receive the following:

 One air conditioner and/or one payment, up to $175.00, towards their electric bill,  no disconnect is required.    

The LEADS Summer Crisis Program is available from July 1st through August 31, 2010. For additional information on the program including details on how to apply for assistance, contact Carrie Kochensparger, energy coordinator, LEADS Community Action Agency at (740) 345-3133.

Utility consumers can use the following chart to determine whether or not they qualify for assistance:

Size of household Total Annual Income Total household income for past three months
1 $18,952.50 $4,738.13
2 $25,497.50 $6,374.38
3 $32,042.50 $8,010.63
4 $38,587.50 $9,646.88
5 $45,132.50 $11,283.13
6 $51,677.50 $12,919.38