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LEADS Summer Cooling Program

LEADS started the Summer Cooling Program on July 1st and it will run through August 31st or until funds are exhausted.  This program will provide asisstance  to income eligible Licking County households who have a household  member that’s 60 or older or have an illness or medical condition, verifired by a phusician documentation, that would benefit from assistance.  The applicants would receive the following:

  • One air conditioner, provided the household has not received an air conditioner with this program in 2008, 2009 or 2010.  If it was prior to this time period, then the household would be eligible to receive another air coniditioner.
  • One payment for the electric bill, up to the household PIPP amount or current bill, whichever is greater but no to exceed $175.00.  A disconnect notice is NOT required.

In order for the applicants to be eligible for the program their income can’t exceed the following income guidelines:

Size of Household Household Annual Income Past 3 Months Income
1 $21,780 $5,445
2 $29,420 $7,355
3 $37,060 $9,265
4 $44,700 $11,175
5 $52,340 $13,085
6 $59,980 $14,995

**Add $7,640 per member for annual income and $1,910 for three months.

For additional information on the program including details on how to apply for assistance, contact one of Community Service Division.  You can contact one of our Community Service Centers:

 Newark Center, (740) 345-3133

 Pataskala Center, (740) 927-9861