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PUBLIC NOTICE October 27, 2020- LEADS, Inc. 160 Wilson Street Newark, OH 43055 Is seeking Bids/Quotes for an Automated Door Entry System with voice and video interaction—- 

Door Entry System- One automated door entry system with (2) desk monitors. This shall allow a customer to push a button to talk and be seen on camera. This system should allow an employee to see the customer/individual on the desk monitors and have a two-way conversation. The system should supply and allow (2) remote buttons to unlock the door. The door shall also be able to open from the outside using a proximity card. The inside of the door needs a self-locking panic paddle or bar to egress the building.  

This will provide for a safer work environment for staff as the neighborhood is seeing a substantial increase to crime. The other benefits include a better lock down during a threat or a virus outbreak or virus reassurance.  

Please send a bid/quote for complete hardware, software and labor costs:

LEADS 160 Wilson Street
Newark, Oh 43055
Marked: Door Entry System
ATTN: Terry Boehm
OR Email: tboehm@leadscaa.org

All bids/Quotes are due no later than November 10, 2020

For more details call or email Terry Boehm 740.258.6112 or tboehm@leadsaa.org