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White House budget slashes core funding for LEADS

For 44 years, LEADS has worked to build, enhance and support Licking County residents. Most visibly and most recently, LEADS has assisted with providing over 2954 households with emergency food and assisting 92 senior households with home repairs. This local work is now at risk due to proposed cuts in the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG), announced in President Obama’s budget release yesterday.

CSBG is a federal funding stream that provides the core funding that supports locally-controlled programs that meet community needs. With that funding, LEADS has created a comprehensive, integrated array of services that enable low income families to get on their feet, into affordable housing, assistance in job placement, and begin building a future as active, tax-paying citizens and responsible parents.

“CSBG creates opportunities for all members of our community and without these opportunities many local residents would suffer.” said Rochelle Paul, Board Chair of LEADS and Teacher with Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow in Newark.   “CSBG helps local community members with job placement and secure employment to become a contributing member of our community. CSBG leads to additional income streams that fund our community. LEADS leverages those dollars and uses them to bring about the changes Licking County needs.”

 Without CSBG, Licking County will lose:

  • A decrease of 20% in our Home Repair Program.  This means that each year 18 senior households would not get the basic home repairs that they need to be able to stay safely in their homes.
  • Funding for the Food Pantries that are located in Pataskala, Utica and Buckeye Lake would not be able to stay open.  The food pantries that are located in Utica and Buckeye Lake are the only food pantries that are located in that area.  This means that many families may need to travel to receive assistance.
  • The Pataskala Center which houses a lunch time meeting place for Pataskala Senior residents that receive Meals on Wheels.  This would eliminate the distribution site that 12 local residents receive their daily lunchtime meal.

LEADS Community Service Division served over 4,800 people during 2010. These comprehensive services work together to provide opportunities for communities and individuals.  Without these services, the children and elderly in our community will suffer the most. 

“For a relatively small federal outlay, CSBG-funded programs pay off many times over as they get people working and paying taxes, prevent expensive emergency shelter placements and keep low-income community residents off the unemployment and welfare rolls, at huge savings to taxpayers,” said Rochelle Paul.