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About Us

What you don't see in the list of services is the way LEADS goes above and beyond to help clients. I know because I was a client. Struggling and on welfare I enrolled my children in LEADS Head Start program. LEADS staff walked along side with me, hired my as a receptionist and encouraged me and paid for me to get a college degree. I don't know where I would be without LEADS. I recently just purchased my first home this year.

– Ramona Russell, LEADS executive assistance

LEADS is a private non-profit corporation that provides immediate assistance and lasting solutions for people in need. Central Ohio citizens facing economic struggles will find a caring and helpful friend in LEADS. As well as spearheading programs such as Head Start, Weatherization, Home Repair, Utility Assistance, Affordable Housing, Neighborhood Service Centers, LEADS collaborates with other community organizations and programs. Constantly evolving to meet the critical needs of the people it serves, LEADS is a compass for continuous improvement, giving hope, help, and direction to people and communities in need.

With 120 employees, many of whom needed LEADS services at one time, provides a wealth of resources and encouragement. They understand, because many of them have been in similar situations. LEADS constantly looks for ways to hire, train and provide higher education opportunities to customers.


Identify and remove the causes of poverty and provide direct assistance to alleviate the effects of poverty to result in greater self-sufficiency among low-income citizens of our area.

Annual Report

LEADS Community Needs Assessment June 2021